Cooke, Schaefer meet, but neither is talking

January 11, 1994

For the second Monday in a row, Jack Kent Cooke and Gov. William Donald Schaefer met in the governor's State House office yesterday, this time for 75 minutes.

Afterward, neither the Redskins owner nor a spokeswoman for the governor would disclose any details of what was said regarding Mr. Cooke's plans to build a stadium in Laurel or Mr. Schaefer's continuing efforts to bring a National Football League team back to Baltimore.

Asked what they talked about, Mr. Cooke replied: "A great many things."

That was as specific as he would get.

Page W. Boinest, the governor's press secretary, then fended off a variety of questions about what the two men had discussed. At one point she candidly admitted, "I'm trying to not say as much as possible."

As he did after their first meeting, Mr. Cooke heaped praise on Mr. Schaefer.

He also suggested that their second meeting had been more friendly than the first.

"We talk as a couple of guys that get along fairly well together," he reported. But he added: "The things we talked about were and are and will be for some time between him and me."

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