MTV's Bellamy took to comedy as relief from economics class

January 11, 1994|By Los Angeles Times

Bill Bellamy has a way of looking into the camera and addressing just you. It doesn't matter if he's introducing the latest Salt N' Pepa video or interviewing Janet Jackson. There's something about the way he laughs, moves and makes eye contact that tells you you've been singled out of the audience.

Unlike many of his fellow comedians, the MTV veejay veers away from graphic sexual material, opting instead for what he calls "a lot of topical stuff, observational stuff."

"I try to make people see the lighter side of things," says Mr. Bellamy,26, who started out as a stand-up comedian.

Mr. Bellamy starting looking for the "fun part" of life when his economics and marketing classes at Rutgers University became a bit dull. Doing stand-up in local clubs added some spice.

An appearance on the first "Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam" in 1992 was his biggest break, followed by a spot on the "15th Annual HBO Young Comedians Show."

Mr. Bellamy's hoping that the chemistry will be right with his new "MTV Jams Live," which bows this month. He's found that being front and center isn't too hard to take.

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