25 Years Ago* The old limestone quarry at the end of John...


January 09, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* The old limestone quarry at the end of John Hyde Road, near Wakefield, has been leased to the U.S. Navy for underwater research. The Navy is seeking to learn how light behaves in water and is paying the John S. Hyde Co. $1,000 a year to find out. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 13, 1969.

50 Years Ago

* Professor and Mrs. D.W. Hendrickson, Westminster, were shocked on hearing of the death of their son, Maj. Milton Humphreys Hendrickson, 25, U.S. Army Air Corps. He lost his life Jan. 10 near Kiukiang, China. The sad news came in a telegram from Adjutant General's office in Washington. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 7, 1944.

75 Years Ago

* Cpl. Charles Crabbs, of the U.S. Army, somewhere in France, sent to his mother, Mrs. Charles Crabbs, of Clear Ridge, a German helmet, which is on exhibition at the store of W.P. Englar and Son. The helmet shows marks of being hit in different places by bullets. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Jan. 10, 1919.

100 Years Ago

* New Windsor -- The holidays were very lively here. Everybody seemed to have been bent on seeing a good time. The grip was pretty busy, but could not stop big dinners and weddings. If the old prediction, "Many weddings, a cold winter," be true, I don't know what will become of us here. Calithumplan gangs have completely blockaded the streets on two occasions, the first having been that of a charivari serenade to Arthur and his bride and the other to Joseph and his bride. Wagons, carriages, in fact almost everything portable that could be found, were piled before the houses. The happy bridegrooms didn't care a penny about it as they didn't have to assist in removing the blockage. -- American Sentinel, Jan. 13, 1894.

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