Volunteers: Annette Mooney, David Kilduff and Eric...


January 09, 1994|By Kevin Harrison

Volunteers: Annette Mooney, David Kilduff and Eric Kilduff, all of Glen Burnie.

Volunteer work: Annette Mooney and sons David Kilduff, 25, and Eric Kilduff, 23, are American Red Cross volunteers. Ms. Mooney's mother, Betty Mooney of Glen Burnie, also volunteers for the Red Cross.

Annette Mooney and David Kilduff are on the Anne Arundel Disaster Services Team, which responds to the scene to offer assistance to victims of tragedies. They also went to the Midwest last summer to help flood victims, and David traveled to Florida after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Annette Mooney, a volunteer since 1985, teaches health services, such as CPR, and leads a team of mental health professionals who help people cope with disasters in five counties, including Anne Arundel, and Baltimore City.

Eric Kilduff helps with fund-raisers, and Betty Mooney works with Disaster Welfare Inquiry, helping locate and reunite relatives and friends of disaster victims.

Volunteer comments: "If a large disaster happens here, we have a team ready and trained to meet the needs of the community," Annette Mooney says. "When we first arrive at a scene we check to see what the immediate emergency needs are. Sometimes it just involves giving people reassurance.

"The Fire Department dispatches us; usually the chief at the scene makes a decision to call us."

Of the relationship between the Fire Department and Red Cross, she says, "We're really partners.

"It helps the Fire Department to know that someone is going to be there, and sometimes not just for fire victims but for the firefighters also."

Of her experience in the Midwest, she says, "When I was there, I knew I could make a difference. Once I came home, I found it hard to watch TV because I knew couldn't help from here."

About the volunteers: Annette Mooney, born and raised in Glen Burnie, does career counseling and job placement work for the Howard County School of Technology.

David Kilduff is a finish carpenter who works for Thaulman-Eastern Distributors in Columbia. Eric Kilduff does corporate trust work for Mercantile Bank.

About the organization: For information on the volunteer opportunities at the Red Cross, call 760-9600.

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