Bays sting Twisters, run mark to 6-0 in 20-1 rout

January 08, 1994|By Bill Free | Bill Free,Staff Writer

Scott Manning has a new image these days.

The once-fiery Baltimore Blast goalkeeper is laid-back and enjoying life in the slow lane with the Baltimore Bays.

Last night at Du Burns Arena, he nonchalantly stood in front of the goal and nearly authored a shutout against the Toledo Twisters in a 20-1 romp by the unbeaten Bays over the outclassed visitors.

Moments after the game, he joked: "Ben Neil [Bays general manager] told me if he ever sees me not having fun out there he's going to fire me. I told him, 'That's fine with me.' "

Manning is no longer under any pressure to prove day in and day out that he is the best goalkeeper in the league, as he had to do in his glory days with the Blast.

"You have to understand that Legg Mason is my first priority," said the man who made 13 saves last night in his second game of the season with the 6-0 Bays. "This just gives me something to do on Friday nights. I know I'll never play at the level I did with the Blast because I'm not playing every day."

However, the veteran goalkeeper was sharp enough last night to turn back the Twisters' Chad Kain on a shootout. But three seconds after he stopped Kain one-on-one, Kain came back to score the only goal for the 0-7 losers.

The lone Toledo goal came late in the third quarter.

Backup Bays goalkeeper Jason Wright was among those rooting for Manning to get the shutout. Wright was offered a chance to go into the goal at halftime when the Bays were leading 10-0, but declined because "Scottie was hot and I wanted him to get the shutout. You don't see shutouts that often indoors."

Eric Riedlbauer set the tone for the Bays when he blasted two shots into the net for a 2-0 lead with 2:45 gone into the game.

Riedlbauer went on to lead Baltimore with two goals and four assists, and Joe Layfield added three goals and two assists.

The Twisters were supposed to be a stronger team than the one that got blown away by the Bays by a total of 44-6 in a day-night doubleheader three weeks ago.

Bays coach Kevin Healey said of the Twisters: "They're just a weak team and not the caliber of team needed to play in this league. I think they're finding that out and they have to go out and get some better players."

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