Chesapeake-BC to forfeit 2nd consecutive game

January 07, 1994|By Lem Satterfield and Calvin Watkins

Chesapeake High of Baltimore County will forfeit its second consecutive boys basketball game today because of disciplinary action against five starters.

Bayhawks coach Steve Cohen forfeited Wednesday's game (P against No. 8 Milford Mill after three of his eight players reported to practice on Monday.

"Steve was working with a group of youngsters who felt that they just wanted to come to games and did not want to practice," said Ron Belinko, coordinator of Baltimore County athletics.

"Rather than just let them run the show, he just decided to forfeit the game."

Cohen said he expects to overcome the problem and complete the season with a full team after today's forfeit to Catonsville.

He said the remaining players expressed interest in a meeting Wednesday in continuing the season "if we could find enough athletes who wanted to play."

Cohen will begin holding open tryouts today.

A Baltimore County rule prohibits players with fewer than 10 days of practice experience from participating in a varsity game, but Cohen said the remaining three players (Antuan Holmes, Brian Seabrease and Chris Collins) -- along with others on the junior varsity -- satisfy the criteria.

"They [Seabrease, Collins and Holmes] had enough esteem and pride to practice regularly," Cohen said. "There are also two players who were absent [from school and Wednesday's meeting] and a few others who practiced 10 or more days early in the season -- enough to make them eligible.

"But for various reasons, they [the five starters] just didn't want to practice. Their reasons are not acceptable."

Cohen, who started the year with about 14 players, does not expect to field a competitive team until next week against Owings Mills.

"I'm happy with the support that my principal and Ron Belinko have given me through this difficult time," said Cohen. "Sometimes you need to show kids who try to run the show that it doesn't work that way."

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