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January 07, 1994|By RAY FRAGER

Cleaning out the notebook, sorting through the mail, checking the oil, flushing the radiator, replacing the air filter -- all part of our 14-point service:

* Fred, that's what he said: Sometimes, you may wonder how some folks ever got on television. But then there's ESPN pro football grapevine vintner Fred Edelstein. After the Redskins fired coach Richie Petitbon, Edelstein was asked if there were any candidates to replace Petitbon other than the widely reported Norv "What Kinda First Name Is That?" Turner. Edelstein, revealing the great powers of deduction that have made him the very model of a modern rumormonger, said that Cowboys assistant Turner was the Redskins' focus, but if they couldn't get him, the Redskins -- get this -- would widen the search.

* Baby, if I'm the bottom, you're the 'TOP: The Orioles have renewed their deal with Washington's WTOP (1500 AM). The station will carry games for the 16th consecutive season. All-sports WTEM (570 AM) supposedly was in the running to pick up the Orioles' Washington rights. WTOP has a much greater reach than WTEM, though the club's flagship, WBAL (1090 AM), can use its 50,000 watts to blast Orioles games to Washington and beyond.

* It's all happening at the zoo: Undefeated Russian junior welterweight Konstantin "Kostya" Tszyu debuts on national TV Tuesday during USA Network's weekly boxing show at 9 p.m. Tszyu (pronounced "zoo") has fought 10 times as a pro after compiling a 269-3 amateur record. Tszyu, 24, ranked in the top five by the International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Council, will fight Hector Lopez, whose name is pronounced as it looks.

* MILL thrill: ESPN2's Major Indoor Lacrosse League Game of the Week (a taped game shown Mondays at 7 p.m.) begins Jan. 17 with the Thunder vs. the Detroit Turbos. In addition to play-by-play man Leif Elsmo, Kristi Lee will be the sideline reporter. In the spirit of Charlie Finley, the MILL will use a yellow ball.

* Season on the brink of overexposure: John Feinstein, who just began a weekly radio show for Washington's WAMU, has started a weekly college basketball program for Home Team Sports. "Around the Rim" will air between basketball doubleheaders on Sundays and Thursdays, usually at about 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., respectively. HTS' Al Koken will be the co-host with Feinstein, who is a "celebrated author, columnist and color analyst," according to a news release. Is he celebrated as a national holiday, or is that up to local jurisdictions?

* Teddy Newsgame: WPOC (93.1 FM) has changed its morning format a bit, so sports guy Ted Patterson now is doing afternoon newscasts.

* Now batting for Smith, Smith: Ron Smith, apparently exhausted after one week in his new 8 p.m. WBAL Radio talk slot, will take next week off. His substitute will be Curt Smith, former White House speech writer and author of the definitive baseball broadcasting book, "Voices of the Game." C. Smith will have two sports-related shows. Former Notre Dame basketball coach Digger Phelps will be the guest Tuesday night, after a Maryland basketball broadcast. Wednesday will be devoted to baseball announcing, with scheduled guests including Bob Costas, Jon Miller, Chuck Thompson and Ernie Harwell.

* Ramblin', gamblin' man: During the second half of ABC's Sugar Bowl telecast, Brent Musburger noted the close score in the Orange Bowl and said, "If we got time, I'll take the 17 1/2 ." Partner Dick Vermeil, ever upholding the integrity of the game, replied, "What do you mean?"

* Paging Bob Beattie: The goofiest graphic of New Year's Day came in the Rose Bowl. In depicting Wisconsin's Big Ten rise, ABC showed a caricature of coach Barry Alvarez riding up a slope on a ski lift.

* Everybody's heard about the bird: Don't you love it when sportscasters put words in the mouths of people on the screen? As in: "Joe Bob tells ol' Charlie it's gonna be like that all day." During the Fiesta Bowl on NBC, Cris Collinsworth put words in the mouth of a mascot. After Arizona's Chuck Levy broke off a long run, Collinsworth captioned a shot of Miami's sea gull mascot this way: "And the bird is saying, 'I can't believe it.' "

* Live and let die: And let's depart by remembering these words of wisdom from NBC's Charlie Jones during the Cotton Bowl (first uttered, I believe, by Jean-Claude Van Damme): "You live by the foot, you die by the foot."

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