New Windsor mayor floats idea of joint composting project

January 07, 1994|By Traci A. Johnson | Traci A. Johnson,Staff Writer

New Windsor Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. discussed an idea for a joint composting project with other Carroll mayors yesterday during an informal meeting.

While the other mayors were encouraging, he said, many were unsure whether the county would go along.

Nonetheless, Mr. Gullo said he plans to draft a proposal that the county will find acceptable.

The New Windsor Town Council voted Wednesday to scrap the idea of designing a town facility to compost yard waste.

The council decided instead to let Mayor Gullo investigate buying a storage unit for grass clippings and other yard waste and contracting to have the material taken to the Northern Landfill for possible composting.

Mr. Gullo said he tried to gain support from mayors in other towns because each municipality -- with the exception of Mount Airy, which has a compost facility -- faces the same problem of dealing with yard waste later this year, when it can no longer be buried in county landfills.

"Maybe I could convince the towns to go into it together, maybe get receptacles for the yard waste, and then get an agreement with the county to pick it up," Mayor Gullo said yesterday.

"From what I understand, the problem is not with collecting the things, it's with getting it there [to the Northern Landfill]."

New Windsor officials began to seek alternatives to building their own compost facility when they realized several months ago that the facility they wanted would cost about $40,000 and that a $11,500 matching grant they received from the state would not cover the cost.

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