Spout Hill Road in Sykesville opens

January 06, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

Sykesville officials have reopened Spout Hill Road after building a temporary trench to keep water off the road surface.

The town closed the ice-covered road to through traffic Dec. 23 because leaking water from an underground sewer pipe had formed several dangerous ice patches on the winding, hilly road.

Many motorists use it as a connector from Third Avenue to Main Street.

After the closure, county and town officials surveyed the site and opted to build a temporary trench along Spout Hill Road to divert water from the surface.

"The trench got the water flowing away from the road and allowed us to reopen it," said James L. Schumacher, town manager.

Mr. Schumacher stressed that the trench is "only a temporary" solution to the problems that have beset the road since the county installed the pipe several years ago.

"The road was fine until the county put its sewer system in," said Mayor Kenneth W. Clark. "The drainage tile was not laid correctly, and the nearest point of escape for the water is the side of the road."

The town and county have haggled for more than a year over who should pay for repairs.

In a revised agreement sent to the Carroll County Commissioners yesterday, Sykesville listed its stipulations for repairs to Spout Hill.

"The county will have to construct underground drain lines when it repairs the pavement," Mr. Schumacher said. "We are asking for that in the agreement."

Carroll officials do not expect to begin the project until spring, said Keith Kirschnick, county public works director.

After the county completes the repairs, the town will assume responsibility for maintaining the road, according to the agreement.

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