3 girls charged in plot to kidnap, rob cab driver

January 06, 1994|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff Writer

Three teen-age girls who confessed to police that they planned to kidnap and rob a taxi driver near Annapolis Mall were arrested Tuesday after the plot failed when one of them could not find the hair spray she planned to use as a weapon.

The three Dorchester County teen-agers, one 14 and the other two 15, were charged with attempted robbery, attempted kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap and battery. They were being held yesterday at the Waxters Children's Center, police said.

The girls were arrested shortly after 10:15 a.m. after an abortive assault on a taxi driver.

They told investigators they had run away from home and planned to go to Florida.

Their plan, they said, was to knock the taxi driver out, put him in the trunk and eventually dump him alongside a road between here and Florida.

After skipping school and hitchhiking to the Bay Bridge, the girls told police that they decided to call a cab to take them to Annapolis Mall.

That's when they began talking about kidnapping and robbing the driver, the police report said.

One of the girls planned to spray him in the eyes with hair spray, another was going to hit him in the head with a flashlight and the third was to stab him with a knife.

But the plan for their attack went awry in front of the mall when the girl in the front seat could not find her hair spray in time to spray the driver's eyes, the police report said.

One of the girls in the back seat hit the driver on the head with a flashlight before he managed to get out of the taxi and run into the mall to call police.

The girls ran down Bestgate Road, where police caught them hitchhiking a short time later, the report said.

The taxi driver, William Jarrett Torbit Jr., of the 300 block of Dominion Road in Chester, was not seriously injured, police said.

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