Ellicott City: 8500 block of Route 40: A car...


January 06, 1994


* Ellicott City: 8500 block of Route 40: A car thief drove a black 1991 Ford Mustang away from O'Donnell Honda between Saturday and Monday.

3300 block of North Chatham Road: A cassette tape and snow remover were stolen from a Honda Accord Tuesday. Police said the thief also tampered with the car's ignition.

* Elkridge: 6100 block of Route 1: A red 1975 Chevrolet Vega was stolen Sunday or Monday from the lot at Nolans Saloon, police said.

6500 block of Lawyers Hill Road: A $400 red and white chipper machine was stolen Sunday.

6700 block of Santa Barbara Court: A rock was thrown through the side window of a red 1991 Dodge Tuesday.

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