MTA apologizes for false report of city schools closing for snow

January 05, 1994|By Shanon D. Murray | Shanon D. Murray,Staff Writer

The MTA has extended an apology to Baltimore school officials, students, and parents for a mix up resulting from an erroneous report that city schools were closed yesterday because of the weather.

Reacting to the bad information, some bus drivers failed to stop for students at bus stops, and other drivers told students to get off of buses.

School officials were unable to determine how many students were affected by the foul up. About 30,000 students ride the MTA daily.

Mass Transit Administration spokeswoman Dianna Rosborough said the erroneous information was dispatched to the drivers about 8:15 a.m and was corrected about 20 minutes later.

"There was miscommunica

tion between an MTA representative, the information center and a supervisor," Ms. Rosborough said.

Dr. Walter G. Amprey, the city schools superintendent, said schools were kept open despite the snow, sleet and rain because he felt they were the best place for students.

"We thought we were on the way to having a good day, but then that MTA call went through," Dr. Amprey said. "I still don't understand why some bus drivers put youngsters off the bus."

He said parents were calling schools and that a major concern was what would happen to the perfect attendance records of some students who missed school yesterday.

"This incident will cause further reverberations. Principals will have to make decisions on how to deal with perfect attendance cases," Dr. Amprey said.

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