Balkan Update

January 04, 1994

Two shells slammed into a crowd of children leaving kindergarten in SARAJEVO,killing at least one and wounding several others. Overall, Four children and two adults were killed and more than 30 people injured citywide in a burst of shelling that shattered the only brief lull since pre-Christmas peace talks collapsed.

The U.S. Air Force in Germany said air shipments of food to Bosnia would double to 12 planeloads a night beginning Sunday. U.S. planes have dropped more than 12,200 tons of food, medicine and other supplies into eastern Bosnia since last Feb. 28. They also have flown 31,500 tons of supplies into SARAJEVO since the U.N. airlift to that city began July 3, 1992.

Bosnian premier Haris Silajdzic and Croatian Foreign Minister Mate Granic meet in VIENNA today for talks on territorial settlements and a cease-fire. International mediators also plan to attend.

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