Comes from our correspondent in Toyland:Now...


January 03, 1994

THE FOLLOWING comes from our correspondent in Toyland:

Now that the world has discovered the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we figure the next news to come down the pike will be this: They're one of the worst-made toys you'll find.

Our son got three "rangers" for the holidays from relatives. (No mean feat considering that Bandai Co. of Japan was able to produce only 600,000 of the action figures before Christmas against an estimated demand of 12 million pieces, according to the Wall Street Journal.) So we were fairly impressed with our coup -- until the arms snapped off two of the figures within days.

Now, we know that kids can put any product through a beating, but one "Ranger" simply dropped out of our son's hand and smashed on the kitchen floor. (The other was thrown during a "battle," but even that shouldn't have been enough to break the toy.) While the manufacturer touted the figures' 22 bendable poses, it only attached the arms to the torso with a thin, brittle plastic rod. The toys are heavier than most miniature figurines on the market, so they fall harder.

Indeed, Bandai America, the company's U.S. headquarters in Cerritos, Calif., reports that it has already received many calls about broken arms, but says it will gladly replace the toys. It also says its factory is correcting the flaw.

It better. Because the only thing more disastrous for the company than all those broken hearts its product shortage produced this Christmas would be a glut of broken little Power Rangers come spring.

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