POLICE* Westminster: A resident of Mayfield Court reported...

January 03, 1994


* Westminster: A resident of Mayfield Court reported that someone removed tools valued at $1,500 from his car Tuesday.

Tully's in Cranberry Mall said someone left the bar Tuesday without paying his $36.69 bill.

Property was reported stolen from two vehicles parked on Pine Valley Court Tuesday. A Hanover resident said someone removed $793 worth of property, and a resident of the court said he lost $240 worth of belongings.

On Tuesday, Sears reported a shoplifting of $50 in merchandise, and Sterling Silver Pins reported a shoplifting valued at $9.95. On Monday, Kay-Bee Toys said merchandise valued at $84.98 was stolen and Caldor department store reported a shoplifting of $10.94.

All four businesses are in Cranberry Mall.

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