Boy, 12, injures playmate with pellet gun

January 03, 1994

A 12-year-old boy hunting squirrels with a pellet gun behind his Pasadena home shot a friend in the leg Tuesday, apparently because the friend did not walk fast enough, county police said.

Mark William Flaig Jr., 12, of the 300 block of Dorchester Road, was taken to a local hospital by his father and treated, police said.

No charges were filed.

The two boys told police they were hunting squirrels Tuesday afternoon. A police report says Mark was looking at a squirrel his friend had shot when a dispute apparently began.

The one boy, a neighbor of Mark's, "kept walking, then turned around and pointed the pellet gun at Mark and told him to hurry up," the police report says. "As Mark started walking, [the boy] shot at him, hitting him in the lower leg."

Police said the boys' parents are friends, and Mark's father did not want to press charges, preferring to handle the matter between the families. Police said the other boy's father indicated he would return the pellet gun to the store.

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