Cupid Should Be Color-BlindI'm writing you in response to...


January 02, 1994

Cupid Should Be Color-Blind

I'm writing you in response to The Sun article of Dec. 6, "Cupid's arrow conquers slings of racism."

I think it's good that people like the Merrills are getting married. There are many cases where people of two different races are getting married. Some people just see black and white. But some people see the inside of a person, like the Merrills.

I would find it extremely hard to take all the verbal abuse from the lowlifes in this world. It's great how they just brush aside other people's feelings, but focus on their relationship. This is important because our country is going through racist times.

My former neighbors are a mixed family, and there is nothing wrong with them. At first, I thought it was strange, but I realized it's their lives, they can do whatever they want. If they are in love, then they should go for it. I strongly agree with the Merrills and wish them the best. . . .

Carey Gayo

Forest Hill

Deterring Crime

In regards to the issues on capital punishment. I find it hard to believe that executions do not deter crime, and is an inhumane way for a western country to act.

Has it ever been proven that the death penalty by any means is not a deterrent? If this Western-civilized country would treat vicious criminals like other Eastern countries, you would see a reduction in crime.

The current prison system treats criminals too good. You think this rehabilitates them? When they get out, the majority end up back in because prison isn't that bad. Most are willing to take that chance again. We should make prisons like hell for vicious criminals. No TV or recreation; kept in cells with no air conditioning or heat; fed with rice, bread, water and beans. This would rehabilitate better than the current luxury lifestyle. . . .

The current system is not working. . . . Let's make vicious killers pay for their crimes through a sped-up eye-for-an-eye execution. This may sound inhumane, but the killer would think twice before pulling that trigger if he or she knew they would be put to death within a year or less. Freedom has its price, and we must make examples to stop this from continuing. . . .

Robert J. Charlton

Bel Air

Conservative TV

Re "TV channel seeks to beam from the right" (Nov. 27):

It seemed so apropos that The Sun would print a story from the New York Times News Service on the new Conservative TV channel, National Empowerment Television (NET), since both The Sun and The Times report consistently from the same liberal mind-set, that is, world view, all the while presenting the facade of non-biased reporting.

It's so interesting that the article points out the political positioning of NET to be the nation's first public affairs channel with "a declared ideological spin." It's refreshing that NET openly and proudly declares its viewpoint up front, while the likes of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and their cohorts stealthy mask their "liberal elite" ideology under the false guise of "objective" reporting and giving America a one-sided view of the issues. Wake up, America!

One person quoted in the article refers to the interspersing of programming with "conservative dogma." What he doesn't say is that there are volumes of programming interspersed with "liberal dogma." Americans must understand that behind all reporting there is a mind-set, be it liberal or conservative. A favorite ploy of the "liberal elite" is to label a person or group and belittle and criticize them on the basis of the label, without allowing the significant points and ideas they wish to say in response to important issues that are tearing at the fabric of our republic.

America must be informed and not just by one viewpoint.

Michael B. Pavese


Harford Glen

On behalf of the Harford Glen Foundation and the staff at the Harford Glen Environmental Education Center, it is my pleasure to extend our thanks to the many individuals and groups involved in making our Dec. 5 Holiday Open House a successful and delightful day. Even the blustery, rainy conditions did not deter our 100-plus guests from visiting and enjoying the day's activities.

The 19th Century mansion was beautifully and tastefully decorated in holiday greenery by the Country Garden Club of Bel Air. Delicious cookies were baked by the food students of C. Milton Wright High School and Harford Glen volunteers. Many tireless volunteers directed the activities planned for both children and adults. Live music was provided by the Aberdeen Chamber Orchestra (complete with a sing-along), a brass ensemble from North Harford High School, and Amanda Adams, a talented cellist. Three specially decorated holiday cakes were donated -- thanks to Carolyn Lipscomb and Vincent Conway -- for our raffle. Canned food items were collected and donated for distribution. Dennis Kirkwood conducted a history tour and two students, Nia Kelley and Sherwin Sapasap, from Edgewood High School, . . . recorded an oral history of our "living treasures."

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