George Seiler Jr. of LinthicumVolunteer Work:Mr. Seiler...


January 02, 1994

George Seiler Jr. of Linthicum

Volunteer Work:Mr. Seiler volunteers for Partners in Care, a program begun last October by three Severna Park women -- Maureen Cavaiola, Sandy Jackson and Barbara Huston. The program is based at North Arundel Hospital.

About the program: Partners in Care, a volunteer-service credit bank, is for county residents in need of services when they have been released from the hospital. Duties may include driving someone to a doctor's appointment, picking up a prescription or groceries, minor housework or repairs or just staying in touch with the people to make sure they remain safe.

Volunteers earn credits for the time they spend assisting others, then use those credits to get help for themselves or they can donate them to someone else. Some training is provided to instruct volunteers how to help people who use canes and walkers, discuss attitudes toward aging and privacy and how to handle medical questions.

Volunteer's comment:"I simply take care of elderly people who need assistance, provide transportation, do small things for them. I pinch-hit for them.

"Right now, I'm transporting a lady who had brain surgery to and from the hospital and doing little things for her.

"I got to know Maureen Cavaiola one of the organizers, sometime back through the walking club I'm in at the community college -- she was an instructor. A while back she called me and asked if I would be interested in doing this.

"I use my own van, my own gas and don't get [monetary] compensation, but I get a lot of thanks."

About the volunteer: A resident of the county for over 40 years, Mr. Seiler is a retired service representative for Snap On Tools.

Organization Information: For more information about the Partners in Care program or to volunteer, contact 553-8054.

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