From The Sun Jan. 2-8, 1844Jan. 2: New Year's Day was...


January 02, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 2-8, 1844

Jan. 2: New Year's Day was spent by the citizens of Baltimore in a joyous, though quiet and appropriate manner. Good feeling beamed from every eye, and happiness was the index of every countenance that thronged our thoroughfares during the day.

Jan. 4: The town of Walpole, Mass., has been thrown into great excitement by the elopement of Mr. Asa Whitman, an old gentleman 65 years of age, with a young girl about 22, one of the operatives in the cotton factory of her "gay Lothario," who is represented to be both handsome and bewitching.

From The Sun Jan. 2-8, 1894

Jan. 4: Blue line cable car 200 struck a street piano on Calvert Street, near Saratoga Street, yesterday, breaking the shaft of the piano and otherwise damaging it. The piano is owned by Marbiani Gianch, of 510 President Street.

Jan. 6: Manager Hanlon, of the Baltimore Base-Ball Club, has not yet decided whether or not he will take his club South on a practice try before the opening of the National League season this spring.

From The Sun Jan. 2-8, 1944

Jan. 3: During 1943 14,949 persons were committed to the Baltimore City Jail, 3,561 fewer than during 1942.

Jan. 5: Frank Sinatra, sometimes called the Voice, will be seen at the Hippodrome Theater beginning tomorrow, but not in person. He is one of three stars of a cinemusical called "Higher and Higher," the others being Jack Haley and Michele Morgan. This is the newsworthy singer's first full-length screen role.

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