Playoffs At A Glance

January 01, 1994

Ten teams have clinched spots in the NFL's 12-team playoffs. Berths go to three division winners and three wild cards in each conference. Four teams are eligible for the remaining two spots.


Buffalo Bills: Clinched division title.

Miami Dolphins: Can clinch wild card by winning last game or if either Jets or Steelers lose last game.

New York Jets: Need to win last game. Can get in as wild card if they finish in three-way tie with Raiders and Steelers. Jets get in on the basis of defeating common opponents. In three-way tie with Dolphins and Raiders, Jets would get in on basis of head-to-head sweep of Dolphins. Same applies in three-way tie of Jets, Dolphins and Steelers. In four-way tie among Dolphins, Steelers and Raiders, Jets win head-to-head from Dolphins and would have better conference record than Raiders.


Houston Oilers: Clinched division title.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Can get in as wild card if they win last game and Jets and Raiders lose. Would have better conference record than Raiders. If Steelers, Raiders and Dolphins tie, Steelers get in on better conference record. Can get in if they tie with Jets for last wild-card spot because of better record in common games.


Kansas City Chiefs: Clinched division title.

Denver Broncos: Clinched wild card.

Los Angeles Raiders: Can clinch wild card if they win last game or if Steelers lose. (See Jets and Steelers for other possibilities.)


Dallas Cowboys: Clinched wild card. Play Giants in last game for division title.

4( New York Giants: Clinched wild card.


Detroit Lions: Clinched wild card. Play Packers in last game for division title.

Green Bay Packers: Clinched wild card.

Minnesota Vikings: Clinched wild card with yesterday's win over Redskins.


=1 San Francisco 49ers: Clinched division title.

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