Around the house* Be sure to label all boxes that contain...


January 01, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Be sure to label all boxes that contain holiday decorations before storing. This will avoid the hassle, next year, of opening several boxes when looking for things such as lights, wreaths and ornaments.

* Start carrying out your resolution to clean the garage. Hang seldom-used items on walls and ceilings. Objects used least should be stored overhead. Once the floor is free of clutter, the garage will look bigger and better.

* Label all water shut-off valves. They can be found in hot and cold water lines below or near sinks, showers, tubs, water-supplied appliances and lavatories.

* Clean dirt and grime from telephone at least once a month. Use adiluted disinfectant cleaner solution in a plastic spray bottle. Do not spray solution into transmitter holes. Spray top, sides of receiver and the base of the unit. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

* Check humidifiers. Add water, if necessary. Wide cracks in wood surfaces, wobbly furniture and static shocks are caused by dry air.

* Keep a small toolbox under the kitchen sink. Fill a shoe box with a tape measure, screws, nails, thumbtacks, masking tape, hammer an other frequently used items.

In the garden

* Mulch roses, bulb beds and evergreen perennials with branches of discarded Christmas tree.

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