If you're a Baltimore football fan, you're happy to ring...


December 31, 1993

If you're a Baltimore football fan, you're happy to ring out the old year tonight.

It had to be the worst year ever for Baltimore footballs fans. It was even worse than 1984, when the Colts left. At least then, there was the hope Baltimore would get an expansion team if it got stadium funding. Now it knows the current NFL regime not only doesn't want Baltimore, it wants us to become part of the Redskins territory.

For the past decade, Baltimore lived Murphy's Law: Everything that could go wrong did: there was the Legislature passing the eminent domain bill that spurred the Colts to leave, the decision of civic leaders not to back the attempt to move the Saints here, the USFL's loss of its lawsuit against the NFL (a win would have put the Baltimore Stars in the NFL), Pete Rozelle's resignation, Paul Tagliabue's being elected over Jim Finks, and Jack Kent Cooke failing to get a stadium built in Washington.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope we're due for a break in the new year.

Minnesota at Washington (-7) -- If the Redskins were as good playing games as they are fighting their union, they wouldn't be 4-11.

* Take Minnesota * Final score: Vikings 31, Redskins 3

Last week's record: 6-8. Against the spread: 5-9. Best bets: 2-2.

Season record: 133-77. Against the spread: 100-106-4. Best bets: 29-37-2.

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