Full-service restaurant to open in the shadow of 2 former Union Bridge eateries

December 30, 1993|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

With the ghosts of several previous restaurants hovering over her shoulder, Kathy Smith is preparing to open an eatery on the corner of Broadway and Main streets in Union Bridge.

Shadows -- a combination snack bar, game room and restaurant -- should be in operation early next year in the space two food businesses have occupied in the past three years.

5l Ken's Country Kitchen, owned by Ken E. Taylor, served three meals a day and ice cream at the location from September 1991 to June 1992. Joby's, a private club, occupied the space from mid-1988 to early 1991.

The location, which was a bar before Joby's opened, was also home to a bowling alley until the early 1980s, said Union Bridge clerk-treasurer Kathleen D. Kreimer.

"It wasn't a matter of picking a location," said Ms. Smith, who moved to the town three months ago. "I just found an empty restaurant space and think Union Bridge needs a nice restaurant."

A nine-year restaurant veteran, Ms. Smith, 27, also owns Babe's Cafe in Libertytown. She opened the family-run business 2 1/2 years ago, when she and her former husband closed Cee-Cee's on the east end of Frederick.

"Basically, I like the small towns and going into the remote areas and offering delivery service," she said. "If the town is here and exists, you know people have to want someone to deliver food to them, especially this time of year."

The restaurant business also allows her to stay close to her three young sons, Ms. Smith said.

"I have the opportunity to see my kids and be with them more than if I worked for someone else," she said. "The options for a single parent are very slim. You have being in business for yourself and working 110 hours a week or going on welfare -- I prefer working the 110 hours a week."

The snack bar and game room will open with limited hours, around the first week of January, Ms. Smith hopes. In February or early March, the full-service restaurant will open, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner from about 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

"What am I saying?" Ms. Smith joked. "What person would want to get up that early in the morning?"

The restaurant will serve pizza, subs, dinners and salads similar to the menu Ms. Smith offers at Babe's, she said.

"Everybody in town really wants to see a restaurant," Ms. Kreimer said. "We've got the pizza place, and that's a great place to eat. [But] we have a lot of elderly people who like mashed potatoes and gravy and a meat and things like that for a change."

Residents now have the option of carry-out from Angelo's and the local grocery stores, or eating at the VFW hall on weekends, she said.

"There really isn't a place where you can go to sit down and eat," Ms. Kreimer said.

Thomas Winebrener, town Planning and Zoning Commission chairman, said, "It's certainly a good place for a restaurant. It's right on the corner in Union Bridge."

Ms. Smith would not say why she chose the name Shadows for her new restaurant.

"We have a unique way of naming restaurants," she said, adding that her mother had chosen the moniker. The name Babe's Cafe was Ms. Smith's idea.

"I swear, I will never name another restaurant 'Babe's,' " she said with a laugh. "You have 100 people coming into the restaurant every day calling you 'Babe,' calling everyone 'Babe.' "

In many ways, Union Bridge reminds Ms. Smith said of Libertytown, she said.

"They are both small communities without a whole lot, but they are nice places to live," she said.

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