Too Cold For Snakes To Travel

December 29, 1993|By Staff report

Snakes don't take to ice any better than vehicles.

Three reptiles from Piney Run Nature Center were scheduled to travel to Bear Branch to make their debut in the "Snakes Alive" program today. But because of the cold and snowy weather, the snakes have to stay home and the show had to be canceled.

AThe slithery stars were to join Bear Branch's corn, black rat and king snakes-in-residence as part of a "sold-out" six-snake revue.

To deliver the promised "big variety," Melinda Byrd, park naturalist, planned to take the hognose, garter and milk snakes from their cozy cages with heat lamps at Piney Run and house them in her home overnight.

Then, she would transport the stars to Bear Branch early today.

But an icy driveway would have meant a long walk between her car and her house. Changing temperatures can be lethal to snakes.

"The only way I could keep the snakes warm would be in a pillow case under my coat," Ms. Byrd said.

Although she was willing to provide the shelter, she was unsure the snakes would be safe.

Advance registration for the "Snakes Alive" program at Bear Branch was so great that Ms. Byrd has decided to reschedule two performances: at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 15 and 29.

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