We cannot let another year go by without mentioning the...


December 28, 1993

We cannot let another year go by without mentioning the Sirkin Letter. Volume 16, No. 1 arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it was typically lengthy (six pages this year), lively and loaded with information about Steve Sirkin, 45; his wife, Dana, of indeterminate age, and their children, Adam, 15, and Laura, 10.

The Sirkins, who live in Reisterstown, have been putting out Laura, Adam, Dana & Steve's News since 1978. Those 800 of us on the mailing list have watched Adam and Laura grow up, the family move to Salt Lake and back again, Dana's work as an occupational therapist, Steve's as a teacher at Old Court Middle School, their involvement at synagogue, vacations, sports (and sports injuries) and the like.

It's the stuff of many a Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's letter, but the Sirkins make a full-scale production of it, having switched to desk-top publishing (including excellent photography) years ago.

Our favorite feature is "Sirkinstances," a summary in headline style of the previous year's events in the family. Among this year's highlights: "Laura's gerbils demonstrate reproductive process, over and over again," "Cousin Edie starts grad school" and "Family rescues fallen sparrow, unfortunately, bird dies before its tail grows back enough for it to be released."

That setback aside, to the Sirkins, mazel tov!

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