Student: Tema Watsky, 15, Annapolis Senior High...


December 27, 1993|By Kevin Harrison

Student: Tema Watsky, 15, Annapolis Senior High School

Accomplishments/Interests: Tema, a sophomore, has devoted much of her time in recent years to doing volunteer work for the Salvation Army.

"When I was 6 or 7, I began going to the Salvation Army's community center," she says. "When I had a week off from school recently, I worked ringing the bells at the kettle [collecting Christmas donations], and I help out after school sometimes and on days off from school."

During the holidays, an especially busy time for the Salvation Army, Tema and her parents have helped out at the office in Annapolis, sorting gifts and "doing odd jobs," according to Tema.

Tema, who plays cello in the school orchestra, is an active member of the Salvation Army's Church and youth group.

Comments:"I've always been interested in music. I also play the violin in quartets and give recitals."

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