Mrs. Marian B. Baxter of Michigan, national...


December 26, 1993|By Robert M. Pennington of the Anne Arundel County Historical Society.


* Mrs. Marian B. Baxter of Michigan, national secretary of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, lectured tonight at Cross Roads Methodist Church near Millersville. -- The Sun, Feb. 2, 1894.

* The temperature dropped to 12 degrees in Annapolis, the lowest point reached this winter. Ice was formed along the water front and fishermen could not reach their nets. The sails of boats in the harbor were frozen stiff. -- The Sun, Feb. 6, 1894.

* Secretaries Lamont and Herbert have decided that there shall be no more contests at football between the Naval Academy and West Point. The secretaries believe that inter-academic matches are detrimental to discipline and to the studies of the cadets. -- The Sun, Feb. 27, 1894.

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