Indelible Images

December 26, 1993

The longer we work with photojournalists, the closer we come to understanding the vision that sets them apart from others who wield cameras. They are part artist, anthropologist, scientist, storyteller.

We are reminded of this vision each year when we invite The Sun's photographers to submit their favorite photos to Sun Magazine.

For every shot born in an instant of inspiration or action, there's another conceived only after an investment of study and insight. The very best translate onto film the emotion of the moment -- from the heartbreak of death witnessed in Somalia to the delight taken in a well-played prank at the ballpark.

The origin of these striking photographs is not inside the camera. It comes from a place a few inches behind the shutter -- in the photographers' minds. We're grateful each year for the glimpse they give us of the perspective that makes their photos memorable.

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