STREETEditor: I've just finished reading...


December 26, 1993


Editor: I've just finished reading Ross Hetrick's magnificent piece about Howard Street ["Visions of Grandeur," Nov. 21]. So well-written and cogent. I worked for the Hecht Co. almost 37 years. . . . I participated in doing the "grand windows" you wrote about. A lovely article. I'm saving it.

Marvin Solomon


Editor: I cannot be overjoyed concerning the uplifting of Howard Street. The last time I went down, I saw an old man digging in garbage, the streets torn up and saddened people walking without a destination.

I wanted to wave a magic wand and bring back the wonderland that I knew so many, many years ago.

The magic is gone; a multitude of malls have taken over. . . . I hope I am wrong. I pray there is a glimmer of hope. But you can't go home again, especially on Howard Street.

Rae Miller Heneson


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