Around the house* Do not leave perishable food at room...


December 25, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Do not leave perishable food at room temperature for more than two hours. If preparing a holiday buffet table, do not put all of the perishable foods out at once.

* Color frosting, dough and candy the easy way. Place mixture in a zip-lock bag, add food coloring and knead. Hands and countertop remain stain free. Remove confection by snipping off corner of bag and squeezing.

* Store rolls of gift wrap and ribbon in garment bag. The bag can be hung out of sight and will protect the paper.

* If you are entertaining a crowd and have run out of space in your refrigerator or cooler, sodas and dips can be stored outside. A porch or a garage is perfect if the temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees.

* Keep warranties from Christmas gifts in accordion folder and organize them by category. They will be easily accessible when needed.

* Plan ahead for next year's holiday gifts. Take photos of family and friends in front of fireplace or Christmas tree. Or, try some candid shots of children opening presents. Enlarge and frame for next year.

In the garden

* Water all indoor plants before vacationing or closing the office. Group plants together and cover with a clear plastic bag. Keep out of direct sun. House plants can be grouped together in a bathtub. If you will be gone for more than one week, add a small amount of tepid water to the tub before positioning plants.

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