Attorney general due in Carroll to push health reform

December 22, 1993|By Staff Report

Attorney General Janet Reno is scheduled to visit Westminster and Mount Airy today as part of a nationwide public relations push by the White House.

Ms. Reno is scheduled to visit officials at the Carroll County Health Department to talk about President Clinton's proposals for health care reform.

Other Cabinet officials also have scheduled visits today at day care centers, hospitals and health care clinics in the greater Washington area and across the country. During their visits, the administration officials will discuss the provisions for preventive and children's care under the president's Health Security Act.

Ms. Reno is scheduled to arrive at the county health department at 8:30 a.m. She will meet privately with Dr. Janet Neslen, the county's health officer; Larry L. Leitch, deputy health officer; Donna Hopkins, director of nurses; and some nursing program managers, Mr. Leitch said.

After that meeting, Ms. Reno will observe a Women, Infants and Children clinic, where low-income women may obtain vouchers to buy nutritious food for their children.

Ms. Reno is also scheduled to look in on a maternity admissions clinic and a prenatal-care class, Mr. Leitch said.

At 9:30 a.m., the attorney general will hold a news conference in the health department's auditorium.

Later this morning, Ms. Reno is scheduled to visit Mount Airy Elementary and Middle School. A Justice Department spokeswoman said her visit there will include talking to children and reading books with them.

Local health officials didn't learn of Ms. Reno's visit until Monday, when the attorney general's assistant contacted Dr. Neslen, Mr. Leitch said.

"We're under the impression that it's just an opportunity to raise the public's awareness of the national health care reform package the president is working on," Mr. Leitch said.

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