Pownall is getting back on track


December 21, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

It has been 10 years since Bryan Pownall won the Rocket City Marathon in a personal-record 2 hours, 14 minutes, 17 seconds and, in the process, qualified for the 1984 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

Since then, he has finished 25th at the trials, retired from running, gotten married, had a child, moved to Baltimore, grown fat and returned to the sport in which he enjoyed so much success.

Ten days ago, he came full circle with a fourth-place finish of 2:25:45 in this year's Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Ala., on a road he hopes will lead to the 1996 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

"Running is now my own personal time," says Pownall, 34. "It's become a lot more fun than it used to be."

It also is a lot more difficult to find time for. Pownall, who lives in Reisterstown and commutes by train daily to Washington, where he works for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, must balance his training with raising a daughter and freeing up study time for his wife, who is still in school.

"We're balancing school, work, a child and running," he says.

A glance at his schedule is a lesson in time management.

"This fall, basically I was running Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after 9 o'clock when my daughter goes to bed," Pownall says. "Thursday, I go to the track at about 6 [p.m.], so I'm still running in the dark. On the weekend, I usually fit my running in when my wife says she wants a break from studying and says, 'Go run.' " I get my sleep on the train ride in."

At this year's Rocket City, Pownall led for the first 11 miles, reclaimed the lead at 20 and held it through the 24th mile.

"I got caught by three guys who slowly reeled me in," he says. "I like to compare the last nine miles of the [1984] trials with Rocket City last week. At Rocket City, we ran into a 27-mile-an-hour headwind -- with gusts up to 38 -- so it was not very pleasant the last half of the race."

The marathon completed a comeback that began 16 months ago, shortly after his daughter was born.

"I had put on a considerable amount of weight for me. I ran into Jeff Sanborn, and he nicknamed me the Pillsbury Doughboy," Pownall says about the Baltimore Road Runners Club's president and McDonogh teacher.

"He got me back into running. I started losing some weight. And I started getting healthy again."


Harry Goodman, who turned 40 last month, won the Baltimore Road Runners Club's annual Santa's Sack 6-Miler at Lake Montebello Saturday. . . . The weekend's top finishers:


BRRC Santa's Sack 6-Miler

At Lake Montebello

Males: 1. Harry Goodman, 40, 30:52; 2. Neville Anderson, 32, 31:02; 3. Jason Cox, 21, 31:15; 4. Paul Howarth, 22, 33:30; 5. Jerry Jurick, 31, 33:30. Masters: 1. Goodman.

Females: 1. Carole Rosasco, 34, 38:55; 2. Michelle Holliday, 35, 43:52; 3. Christy St. Clair, 45, 45:24; 5. Fay Miller, 39, 48:15; 5.

Gale Seiler, 41, 48:56. Masters: 1. St. Clair.

BRRC Santa Loop

At Lake Montebello

1. Rory Sanborn, 8, 10:07; 2. Eamon Pae, 10; 3. Brian Nasuta, 9; 4. Michael Nasuta, 7; 5. John Chamberlain, 5; 6. Justin Sindell, 7; 7. Santa Claus, NA.


RASAC Holiday Run 5K

At Bel Air

Males: 1. Neville Anderson, 16:21; 2. Eric Estrada, 16:24; 3. Mark Bogardy, 17:24; 4. Bucky Sexton, 17:36; 5. Jeff Hinte, 18:28.

Females: 1. Margaret Starnes, 19:57; 2. Jen Englehart, 20:43; 3. Angela Parrish, 22:58; 4. Leslie Morgan, 23:55; 5. Frances McGrath, 24:10.

Coming events


Sunday, MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8K, 9 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Sunday, Annapolis Striders' 15th Anniversary Run 15K, Annapolis, 9 a.m., (410) 268-1165.

Jan. 1, BRRC Father Time Frolic 8-Miler, Loch Raven, 9 a.m., (410) 243-3153.

Jan. 1, RASAC St. Mary's 6-Miler, Bel Air, 11 a.m., (410) 638-0235.

Jan. 1, WRRC Winfield Mile, Winfield, noon, (410) 876-7852.

Jan. 1, HCS Prediction Run 5-miler, Locust Park Neighborhood Center, (410) 964-1998.

Jan. 8, MCRRC Winter Flower Run 6-miler, Rockville, 8:30 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Jan. 9, HCS 2M, 10K, 15K, Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, 2 p.m., (410) 964-1998.

Jan. 16, WRRC Mighty Medfor Freeway 5K, Westminster, noon, (410) 857-5154.

Jan. 16, HCS 2M, 10K, 15K, Longfellow Elementary School, 2 p.m.Jan. 22, Great Snowflake Chase (Winter Desire 5-Mile Dash, True Grit 10-Miler), Big Run State Park, 10 a.m., (301) 359-3770.

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