Free agency won't stay O's friend long

December 19, 1993|By JOHN EISENBERG

Fact: Brady Anderson, Mike Devereaux, Ben McDonald and Gregg Olson will be eligible for free agency in the next two years.

Opinion: Jacksonville vs. Carolina on Fox TV -- makes the CFL look like the big-time.

Fact: The Orioles were last in the major leagues in road attendance. Cleveland whipped 'em by 26 thou.

Opinion: The easiest way for the NFL to liven up its game would be to legalize the two-point conversion.

Fact: The poor, pitiful AFC leads the NFC, 21-19, in inter-conference games.

Opinion: If Paul Tagliabue is the last one to realize that the NFneeds livening up, that's his problem.

Fact: The annual operating profit for an NFL team in Baltimore is estimated at $29 million. The Rams' operating profit last season was an estimated $5.3 million, according to Financial World magazine.

Opinion: If the baseball players' union blocks the owners' realignment plan, you won't hear me crying.

Fact: Kevin Duckworth's high game this season is 14 points.

Opinion: You need two hands to count the legion of flat-out bad NBA teams, (Mavs, Pistons, Bullets, Wolves, Sixers, Bucks, Kings, Lakers).

Fact: The United States is a 50-1 shot to win the World Cup, according to Ladbrokes of London. (Germany is the favorite at 7-2.)

Opinion (Eclipse Award Dept.): Trainer, Bobby Frankel; jockey, Mike Smith; horse, Kotashaan.

Fact: The Tampa Bay Bucs have never returned a punt or kickoff for a touchdown. (But we'll take 'em anyway.)

Opinion: It's a shame the Orioles can't find a job for Al Bumbry.

Fact: Jamal Mashburn already has lost more games in his six weeks as a Dallas Maverick than he did in his three years as a Kentucky Wildcat.

Opinion: Let's say it again: Deion Sanders is a much better football player.

Fact: When they went for their 15th straight win, the Atlanta Hawks played at home in front of some 6,000 empty seats. ("The fans here ought to be shot," said Reggie Miller of the visiting Pacers.)

Opinion: Local college basketball rankings: Coppin, Loyola, Towson, Mount, UMBC, Navy, Morgan.

Fact: In '93, the average National League game was eight minutes faster than the average American League game. (Orioles games were five minutes longer than the AL average of 2:52.)

Opinion: Cowboys and Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Fact: The Seahawks' Rick Mirer is on pace to set rookie records for attempts, completions, percentage and yards.

Opinion: Charlie Ward will be better in the NFL than the NBA.

vTC Fact: The NBA's longest consecutive-game streak belongs to A. C. Green at 583.

Opinion: College football will have co-champions. (Florida State in the writers' poll, West Virginia in the coaches' poll.)

Fact: Manute Bol has nine rebounds, four blocks, three fouls and no points this season.

Opinion: The Redskins need new players, not a new head coach.

Fact: The Redskins are two losses shy of tying the franchise record.

Opinion: Tonight on ESPN: Colts 9, Eagles 6. Don't miss it!

Fact: Only four current NBA players were active way, way back in the 1970s: Moses Malone, Bill Cartwright, James Edwards, Robert Parish.

Opinion: I don't think I'm the only person counting down the days until Cal and Iowa strap on their hittin' hats for the inaugural Builders Square Alamo Bowl.

Fact: "What's the importance of a degree?" says Eagles rookie Leonard Renfro, who left Colorado after his junior year.

Opinion: Regarding the Weiser Lock Copper Bowl: It's weird, but I could swear I went to college with him.

Fact: Daylight will last from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the Lillehammer Olympics.

Opinion: Regarding those hot Carolina freshmen, Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse -- oh, my gracious.

Fact (from Dept. of Miscellanea): Ben McDonald had a 7.41 ERA on artificial turf. (Jamie Moyer's was 0.75.)

Opinion: Another easy way to liven up the NFL: You make a field goal, you kick off from the 20-yard line.

Fact: Among USOC's "tips" to the media for keeping warm in Norway: "Wear a hat."

Opinion: The Knicks can win the NBA title if they can pry away point guard Derek Harper from the Mavs.

Fact: Ten years ago last week, the Pistons beat the Nuggets, 186-184.

Opinion: A batting order to mull over: Anderson, Devereaux, Palmeiro, Ripken, Baines, Hoiles, Hammonds, Gomez, McLemore.

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