50 Years Ago* Fort Meade's reception center will celebrate...


December 19, 1993|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

50 Years Ago

* Fort Meade's reception center will celebrate its third birthday Friday. It processed the first soldier brought into the army under the Selective Service Act. Figures on the number of men who have been handled are restricted. -- The Sun, Jan. 25, 1944.

* In a report on overcrowding, George H. Preston of the state Board of Mental Hygiene states that the Crownsville State Hospital for mentally defective Negro men and women in Anne Arundel County has 190 beds constantly full. It serves the entire state. -- The Sun, Jan. 29, 1944.

* Navy extended its basketball winning streak to four straight today by trimming Duke, 45-42. From here on, the Sailors can be considered one of the nation's real powers on the court. Their only defeat has been to the North Carolina Pre-Flight team. -- The Sun, Jan. 30, 1944.

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