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Will Xuxa spell success on American TV?

December 19, 1993|By David Walstad | David Walstad,Contributing Writer

Still single, she claims to like the idea of being a wife with an understanding husband and having two children. "If I think I can have a relationship, I will try." With her net worth estimated at about $100 million (listed in Forbes' Top 40 Show-Biz Millionaires), it's obvious that "everything [material] I want, I have."

And what she has, she shares. Through the Xuxa Meneghel Foundation, food, clothing and shelter are provided for 250 orphans in Brazil. She is disturbed by the epidemic of unwanted children and street kids in her home country. "The problem begins with the adults. They think if they have more children that they'll work for them."

The entertainer is also disturbed by young fans who sleep in front of her homes in Brazil and Argentina, where she tapes the Spanish editions, "El Show De Xuxa." "I worry about them; I get upset. 'Go to your houses!' I say, but the same people are there every day."

Taping in Spain

Xuxa spends six weeks annually in Spain taping 40 shows ("Xuxa Park"). Her mother, Alda, and one sister live there now. "My mother did the costumes when we started in Brazil. She has a good imagination."

In Los Angeles, Xuxa crams 65 shows (a year's worth in children's programming) into five weeks of taping. She hopes American viewers will welcome her back for a second season. "I know everyone can have opportunities here. America opens the door for everybody. I really want this.

"I'm 30 years old. I don't know if I have time for Germany and Japan."

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