Asking for the moon and the starsNo one's quite sure where...


December 19, 1993|By Elizabeth Large | Elizabeth Large,Staff Writer

Asking for the moon and the stars

No one's quite sure where celestial motifs came from or why they're so popular. But suddenly you can find these suns and moons with the stylized faces everywhere in home accessories -- from bath towels to dinner plates.

Gold sun and moon Christmas ornaments are everywhere, of course, with a few shooting stars thrown in for good measure; but this isn't a look just for the holiday season.

Maybe it's the current interest in ecology, and the popularity of nature designs in furnishings and appointments. Or lingering New Age influences from the recent resurgence of the '70s. Or perhaps the inspiration is grander and more flamboyant: Le Roi Soleil (the Sun King), Louis XIV.

The trend has been good for Mary Pat Andrea, owner of Night Goods in the Gallery. Until this year she's had to hunt for celestial motifs to fit in with the moon logo of her home accessories and gift shop.

"This season has been wonderful," she says. "Everybody had suns and moons at market. All the manufacturers are celebrating these themes."

The way owner Karen Maccabee describes it, her new shop in Towson offers "a diverse assortment of affordable antiques and collectibles from the 1800s to the future!" That's a conservative description of Blue Moon Antiques and Collectibles, where you'll find an elaborate -- and terrifying -- Freddy Krueger doll for $40 near some beautiful and ornate silver hairbrushes, with estate jewelry jostling for space with old copies of Life magazine.

The shop, located at 11 E. Chesapeake Ave., opened a couple of months ago and already looks as if it's been there forever. Surely -- you can't help but think -- if you pick through the piles of oddities and junque you're bound to come up with a treasure. And check out the funny little old-fashioned Christmas decorations in the window.

Blue Moon accepts consignments and buys estates, "one piece or entire contents." It's open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, call (410) 583-1816.

I happen to make a very good fruitcake, without any candied cherries at all, so I'm always outraged by fruitcake jokes. And now the lowest of the low has come to my desk: Grandma Keenan's Flaming Fruitcake.

Those of you who hate fruitcakes and would just as soon throw them on the fire as eat them will love this one. It's a log disguised as a fruitcake. Holiday scented and made of recycled products, this is a unique gift -- to say the least. "Three pounds of pyrotechnical pleasure" is how the press release describes it.

On the plus side, the Flaming Fruitcake has no calories and no cholesterol. Even better, $1 of the purchase price of each log is donated to the Leukemia Society of America. A case of six logs costs $39.95 plus shipping. To order or for more information, call (800) 424-2095.

When Gefen Productions, a company located in High Point, N.C., produced a video of the spring International Home Furnishings Market for industry professionals, it was so successful the company decided to offer the next one to the general public. The video of the October 1993 market is called "Directions," and it opens up one of the most important wholesale markets in the world to those of us who wouldn't get in otherwise.

The host of "Directions" is Ellen Gefen, who has reported on home furnishings for NBC and CBS. The video covers styles and themes such as country, European influences, antique reproductions, romance and drama, contemporary, sleigh beds, pine, leather, function and personal statements. There are interviews with designers, a color forecast and a fabric overview.

"Directions" is available through Gefen Productions for $19.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling and applicable sales tax. To order or for more information, call (910) 884-5020.

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