From The Sun Dec. 19-25, 1843Dec. 23: A Negro woman died...


December 19, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 19-25, 1843

Dec. 23: A Negro woman died near Upper Marlboro, Md., last week, over one hundred years of age. She was from Guinea.

From The Sun Dec. 19-25, 1893

Dec. 20: Wm. Bramble's horse walked off with a milk wagon from Gay and East streets yesterday. At Exeter Street a cable car struck the wagon. Twenty gallons of milk was spilled.

From The Sun Dec. 19-25, 1943

Dec. 22: Roast pork will be the main item of the day at city and state penal institutions on Christmas Day -- but it will have all the fixin's.

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