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December 19, 1993


Editor: Please pass on to Mr. Chester Wickwire my congratulations for and sincere appreciation of his praiseworthy essay, "In Praise of Crutches" [Nov. 7].

His use of understated irony was a most effective vehicle in relating the story of his life, which has been considerably inconvenienced but by no means stymied by paralysis. Implicit in his story is not a sense of bitterness or resignation but a profound acceptance of the import of what a man once told him, "Everyone is handicapped in some way and needs a crutch."

In a very real sense, Mr. Wickwire tells us what life is about: He has experienced adversity as expressed by the image of his crutches; but those same crutches, that burden, have led him to something better: They have led him to God. I did not have dry eyes when I finished reading Mr. Wickwire's essay.

Nicholas Cresanta



Editor: Forget it! It's a lost cause. Until crime, drugs and guns are eliminated -- and I don't see that happening -- it would be foolish to even attempt a [Howard Street] revival ["Visions of Grandeur," Nov. 21].

At 73, living in "Charm City" (ugh) all but four WWII years, I've become cynical to the point where I see all this renaissance as momentary and doomed.

It's crime that has scared people and business out of the inner city, especially downtown, and it's crime that keeps them off of light rail and off of Metro.

The only thing I like downtown is "the Block" -- and the local establishment is doing everything possible to obliterate that. I have suggested that, if "planning" we must have, we move the Block to the 300-400 blocks of North Howard St. That, of course, went nowhere.

[The planners want to] get more babies to brainwash with their boutique and art-gallery foolishness. Belt's Landing went belly-up; the Brokerage; the Power Plant (awful); the Fishmarket and many businesses in Harborplace went and are going belly-up. And so will Howard Street as an art gallery. What nonsense!

Walton W. Windsor


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