HAS anyone checked out the new keno graphics? Instead of...


December 17, 1993

HAS anyone checked out the new keno graphics? Instead of %% popping up on the screen in the order they're called by the computer (then rearranged in numerical order), the 20 winning numbers now burst one after another from the lower left of the screen (as though shot from guns), arc and then flash into place on the 80-number grid. %%

%% But do not be deceived. It's the same old keno with the same old long odds. Three-quarters of the potential winning numbers -- the 60 not chosen -- are eliminated before you get to see if your numbers have been blessed. New look. Same old sucker's game.

* * *

OUR Daily Bread reports that donations have declined since it served 27,414 meals in October. In addition to money, here's what the city's largest soup kitchen needs:

Breakfast foods: muffins, eggs, coffee, fruit, cereal, breakfast meats, fruit juice, milk.

Everyday needs: peanut butter, jelly, bread, desserts, salt, sugar, powdered drink mixes, tea bags, artificial sweetener.

Miscellaneous: plastic baggies, brown paper lunch bags, napkins and paper towels, disposable drinking cups, dishwashing liquid, bleach, hot sauce and ketchup, salad dressing.

Our Daily Bread, which is operated by Catholic Charities, relies on donations from parishes, corporations, school groups and individuals. It does not take a Christmas break, there being no holiday for hunger. Its address is 411 Cathedral Street, Baltimore 21201-4449.


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