A few more possibilities

December 17, 1993|By Jean Marbella

Too many games, too little time. Here are some new games we didn't get a chance to try but they received good reviews elsewhere.

Sources included our own testers; Games magazine (its annual roundup of the best 100 games of the year is in its December issue); American Mensa, the high-IQ club that annually picks its favorite games; and the Chicago Tribune, which reviews games every year at this time.

Here's a sampling of their picks, with the title of the game followed by its manufacturer, a number to call for purchase information and price.

* Overturn: Pressman, (212) 675-7910; $13. Players try to spot words up, down or diagonally in a block of 36 letters and place rings around them. But those letters can be stolen by other players who spot other words.

* Celebrity Challenge: Gambol Entertainment, (416) 845-9279; $35. One player reads a series of clues about a celebrity, and other players shout out guesses. The correct player the places a token on the board, with different squares giving greater points -- but more risks.

* Quarto!: The Great American Trading Co., (800) 225-7449; $35. Two players take turns placing wooden pieces on a board, trying to line up four-of-a-kind. The 16 pieces are all different but related -- either tall or short; light or dark; square- or round-topped -- so there are innumerable ways to get four-of-a-kind. The trick: Players pick the piece their opponent has to play next.

* Wizard: Ken Fisher, (416) 431-9343; $8. Adding four Wizards and four Jesters to a regular deck elevates this from just another card game to a clever, strategy-filled game. Players predict how many tricks they will win with each hand -- losing points if they guess too high or too low and earning points if they hit the mark.

* Char: Bechter Productions, (804) 784-4405; $65. Another four-of-a-kind strategy game, but this one is played on four levels, on a beautiful, laser-cut acrylic structure. And, the three different kinds of pieces have to be played in a certain order, in certain combinations, etc.

Call for games

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