DESPITE advance notice, including parking tips, we weren't...


December 15, 1993

DESPITE advance notice, including parking tips, we weren't able to be present in Towson Monday to hear Del. Gerry Brewster discuss his agenda for the 1994 General Assembly session and "answer questions regarding his political plans for 1994" -- a reference to Mr. Brewster's expected run for the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Helen Delich Bentley.

No matter. A press packet was on our desk by mid-afternoon Monday. It contained a copy of the delegate's remarks informing us that "an announcement of my future intentions must wait until the legislative session comes to a close." Drat, the suspense continues, we thought. But on we read, clear to the end of the three-page speech, where we found this not-so-subtle clue to the delegate's intentions:

"In conclusion, let me say that serving the citizens of Maryland in the state legislature has been a great honor for which I will be forever grateful. . . . Consequently, it is because of my deep devotion and affection for my constituents that I feel obligated to announce at this time that I will not be a candidate for re-election as their delegate. However, I have no intention of leaving the political arena -- public service defines my life. Please be assured pTC that I remain dedicated to serve the people of Maryland."

The packet also contained a summary of his legislative achievements in his first three sessions; two glossy, black-and-white photos; a three-page listing of his education, professional and political memberships, community affiliations, "recreational memberships and past associations" and awards; and his 1994 legislative agenda.

In other words, Gerry Brewster has announced he will not announce -- yet. But it's surely only a matter of time. Rarely have we known any politician, much less a first-term delegate, so eager to keep us posted on his every move. We'll bet this packet is only the first of many.

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