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December 14, 1993|By John Harris III and Steven Kivinski


Over 340 wrestlers representing nine organizations competed in last weekend's Anne Arundel Wrestling Coaches Junior Wrestling Christmas Tournament at Magothy Middle School.

The competition was divided into two divisions -- experienced and novice -- with a total of 12 weight classifications in the experienced and 19 in the novice.

In the experienced division, Bruce Dulski (Mountain Road Optimist) took first in the 55-pound class, followed by teammate Chris Grove. Lee Trohanis of Crofton and Tim Bohlman of Arden placed third and fourth, respectively.

In the 60-pound class, Kevin Demming (Arden) placed first, followed by Dave Dulski (MRO), Richard Vesquez (Cape St. Claire) and Billy Grove (MRO). Mark Sadaka (Arden) took the top spot in the 65-pound group, with Mike Davis (MRO) finishing second. Greg Mitas of Navy and Mike Dowling of the United Youth Council were third and fourth.

Ryan Herwig (Arden) earned first place in the 70-pound division, outwrestling Steve Hall of MRO. Dan Hemminger (UYC) came in third, and Tim Delaney placed fourth. The Raiders' Spike Stinchcomb climed to the top of the heap in the 75's, with Eric Hill (Arden), Dustin Reed (UYC) and Nick Dacheur (Arden) finishing 2-3-4.

Matt Pandullo (Arden) outlasted second-place Pat Ortman (Crofton) for first in the 80-pound class. MRO's Josh Boyd came in third, followed by Chris Combs. MRO's Ryan Howard defeated Tony Cooksey (Arden) in the finals of the 85-pound category. Howard's teammate, Tony Carson, downed Frankie Bugg of the Severn Athletic Club for third place.

In the 90-pound class, Mike LeVasseur of MRO took first, topping Dave De Sabla (Cape). Third and fourth were occupied by Arden's Chris Emerson and SAC's Damien Eldridge. Jim Foster (Arden) placed first in the 95's, outdueling MRO's Ben Helbig. Justin Beeler (Crofton) and Ritchie McCombs (Raiders) took up the third and fourth slots.

Dan Witcher (Cape) defeated Justin Parker (Crofton) to win the 100-pound class. Mike Hammond (MRO) placed third. Arden's Jason Hefferman won the 105-pound competition, followed by Brian Schroeder (Crofton), Keith Eldridge (SAC) and David Shupe (Cape).

Carl Cicchetti III won the 110-pound division with a championship win over Navy's Chris Brown. Mike Gauthier (Cape) and Chris Gross (UYC) represented the third- and fourth-place finishers. Todd Ryan of Crofton reigned in the 115 class, with Arden teammates Bryan Hayne and Ryan Edwards placing second and third, respectively. Brian Youmans of UYC placed fourth.

In 122-pound action, Severn's Kevin Harris placed first by turning back second-place finisher Rob Ryan (Crofton). Bryant McKean (Arden) and Matt Neidig (Crofton) were third and fourth. Mountain Road's Rob Bockhammer and Mike Schaal finished first and second in the 130's. Graham Harris (Cape) captured third, and Kevin Stoy (Crofton) placed fourth.

Arden's Ron Cooper took first in the 140's followed by Robert Marsh (Raiders), Rich Sampson (MRO) and Jerome Hurley (UYC).

John Mach (MRO) took first in the Novice 50-pound class. Kyle Jones (Cape), Eric Smith (Severna Park) and Brandon Davis (MRO) were second, third and fourth. Navy's Ryan Davis won the 55's over Zac Glump of Crofton. Andrew Holt (UYC) was third, and Robert Self of Crofton was fourth.

Severna Park's Matt Payne won the 60-pound class, defeating Teddy Vanorsdale (Cape). Chris Groom (UYC) and Dan Jaurequi (Navy) were third and fourth, respectively. In 65-pound action, Shaun Jones (Severna Park) defeated Mountain Road's Tom Howard. Josh Kachura (Crofton) and Brian Propst (MRO) were third and fourth.

Severna Park had two wrestlers finish in the top four in the 70-pound category. Justin Smith was first, followed by Mike De Salba (Cape). Bill Harris grabbed third, and Chris Stanbeck (UYC) was fourth. Kyle Ogan (UYC) won the top prize in the 75's, with Ryan Benedum (Cape) second. Severn's Matt Harvey and Michael Robinson (UYC) place third and fourth.

Tom Striefi (Severna Park) was victorious in the 80-pound division, and Justin Mullen of Cape St. Claire placed second. Third and fourth went to Joe Fold (Raiders) and Reid Bloomfield (Cape). Darrell Sinclair was the first-place finisher in the 85's, followed by Dan Geehardt (Cape), John Mahoney (Severna Park) and George Gutridge (MRO).

Arden's Phil Sadaka beat Ryan McGary (Severna Park) in the finals of the 90-pound division. Jonathan Armstrong (UYC) outwrestled teammate Russell Kelbaugh for third. Cape's Jason Randolph captured the 95-pound title by defeating MRO's Jason Burton.

Raymond Rogers (Raiders) snatched first away from Navy's Matt Petty in the 100's, with George Fold (Raiders) and Andrew Wilkenson (Cape) finishing third and fourth. Jeremy Tate of Severna Park was crowned champion of the 105's, followed by Jonathan Trask (Cape), Jason Santastefano (Raiders) and Kareem Fernandez (Severn).

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