2 rescued, ending Atlantic nightmare

December 13, 1993|By New York Daily News

NEW YORK -- In a miraculous rescue, two sailing buddies were plucked from the frigid Atlantic Ocean after spending 12 harrowing hours amid 70-knot winds, 40-foot waves and a relentless driving rain that capsized their small sailboat, the Coast Guard says.

Clinging to a rubber raft with water seeping in and air leaking out, the two were netted by a merchant ship late Saturday, hours after violent seas claimed their 30-foot vessel.

What began as a holiday voyage from New York to the Caribbean turned into a nightmare for the long-time friends and sailing partners, Fareed Suraleigh, 47, of the Bronx, and Herbert Clarity, 67, of Harrison, N.J.

The men, both reported in good condition, are expected to arrive in Ireland next week and will fly home with a sea story that would shiver the timbers of hardened seafarer.

"He said he's never been in anything like that in his life -- and he's been sailing for over 20 years," said a relieved Maryam Suraleigh, who spoke briefly to her husband yesterday via ship-to-shore radio.

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