Houck's 406 'just a good night'


December 12, 1993|By DON VITEK

Kelly Houck of Stoney Beach started bowling duckpin two years ago and hasn't taken it too seriously.

"It's a fun thing for me," she said. "A night out with friends. I never worried too much about high scores."

With a 113 average, Houck now knows that high scores can come to anyone, any time.

She bowls in two leagues at Riviera Bowl, the Friday Mixed and the Saturday Mixed Pleasure, and one recent Friday she had "just a good night," notching her career-high game (183) and series (406) that night.

"Forget the other two games," she said with a laugh. "The 183 was just unbelievable and even with the other games [118 and 105], I still had my first 400 set."

NABI tourney pays off

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc Thanksgiving tournament at Crofton Bowling Centre drew 591 entires and paid out $20,948.

Steve Levy of Silver Spring took home the $3,000 first-place prize, which included a Las Vegas trip to next summer's NABI national tournament.

Bill Lindell of Westminster captured second place and $1,500.

Ups and downs

Stan Holewinski of Pasadena has had his ups and downs recently.

Bowling for about 15 years, he carries a 142 average in two leagues at Riviera Bowl, Saturday and Sunday nights.

In the Saturday league, he fired his career-high game (212) Nov. 20.

"I had a four-bagger in that 212 game," he said. "The other two games weren't much."

But they were good enough for a 460 series. His career-high set is 489.

Just two weeks later there was another chance for a 200-plus game.

"I had marks in the first seven frames," he said. "Then I missed a one-pinner and got rattled . . . and had to settle for a 174."

Making adjustments

Since he developed a problem with his balance that causes vertigo, Jim Murphy of Pasadena has had to adjust his outlook on duckpins.

A bone chip and tendinitis in his left (throwing) arm has caused him to think about using a lighter bowling ball.

"I was short-arming the ball," he said. "So I tried using Mary's [his wife's] lighter, smaller balls. They're only 3 pounds, 8 ounces and 4 7/8 inches in diameter."

They worked pretty well. He recently threw a 200 game with them.

There's more good news: the knee is fine, the arm is a little better and he's back using his old Manhatten rubber bowling balls.

No stranger to big scores

Jim McCain lives in Pasadena and bowls in two leagues, the Saturday Majors at Fair Lanes Arbutus and the Baltimore Professional Duckpin Association travel league out of Westview.

Bowling for 35 years and holding a 143 average with a 213 career-high game and high set of 590, he's no stranger to phenomenal scores.

That 590 set is a house record at Greenway Glen Burnie. Since that house was destroyed by fire recently the record could stand forever.

On Nov. 13, he started out with a pretty fair game, 156, and then kept improving. The second game was 178 and the third game even better, 207. That's a strong 541 series.

"I'm trying something a little different this year," McCain said. "Last year I used a 3-pound 12-ounce ball, and I've switched to a 4 7/8 but keeping the same weight."

It seems to be working. The better "feel" on the ball has McCain's average up five pins, from 139 last year to 143-144 this year.

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