The Brady Bill Isn't The AnswerOf all the issues that...


December 12, 1993

The Brady Bill Isn't The Answer

Of all the issues that concern the American people today, violent crime has to be one of the most critical. The phenomenal rise in violence over the past 20 to 25 years has to be approaching crisis proportions, not just in the inner cities, but everywhere.

There are many factors that contributed to this situation, not the least of which was the 1960s assault on our moral and religious standards that had long guided traditional American family units. This led to far-reaching decay of sexual mores, as well as the sense of personal responsibility and respect for others. Predictably, drug abuse followed. . . .

The tragic result of all this is that we have spawned several generations of vicious humanoid predators who roam our streets dealing in drugs, crime and mayhem without the slightest guidance or sense of right or wrong and with no respect for human life -- either theirs or anyone else's. Most importantly, they are armed by totally illegal means beyond the reach of any present or future gun control laws or directives. This is called the "black market" and has been functioning ever since the first gun control law was enacted (in Maryland, this was 1969).

The killing and maiming is being done by a conscious act of many unconscionable individuals who have circumvented all prohibitory and regulatory laws to acquire the means to do their dirty work. Prohibition laws only serve to disarm their victims and the public at large. Therefore, it should be agonizingly obvious that gun control in any form is and has always been totally ineffective, even counterproductive. Certainly, it is clearly dishonest and hypocritical to push for more such failed nostrums.

Instead, reform the juvenile justice program to require trial as an adult for anyone at any age who commits a felony with the aid or use of a deadly weapon -- especially a firearm. And then to jail with no parole if found guilty.

Also, revamp the overall criminal justice system in similar fashion. The likes of the Brady bill and others of the same ilk certainly will not accomplish this.

Donald K. Tag

Havre de Grace

If Fetuses Had Fur

Please forward my congratulations to Mike Littwin. The commentary printed in The Sun on Nov. 22, "Sparing Bambi . . ." has changed my view of Mr. Littwin.

I have been guilty in the past of labeling his work as presenting a biased and illogical view. Now I must retract my opinion, for he has demonstrated in his latest commentary the ability to exult his stature to that of a hypocrite in need of attention.

He assails the hunter's usage of words such as "harvesting" and "ecosystem." Well, Mr. Littwin, the hunters are only attempting to communicate with the liberal politically correct press. Is this failure to recognize your own axioms an indication that perhaps you are beginning to lose control?

While I disagree with organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for those of you "un-politically correct" people), I do respect their opinion for they are vegetarians. Anyone willing to pay someone to warehouse and butcher animals for their own consumption, yet unwilling to accept responsible, regulated hunting is a hypocrite by anyone's standards. Perhaps Mr. Littwin should visit a meat packaging facility and see if he becomes all teary-eyed and fuzzy and warm when the animal he eats for dinner is decapitated, or "harvested," for his dining pleasure.

I fail to understand how liberals can chastise hunters for killing cute little animals like Bambi, and defend the rights of a woman to kill an unborn child. It's a shame that God didn't put fur on unborn children; maybe they would stand a better chance at survival. . . .

Marshall M. Currence Jr.

Havre de Grace

Danny Shanahan

I read your Nov. 28 article about Danny Shanahan and was hard pressed to find a reason why it was written.

Let's not forget why Shanahan went to jail. Not because he abused alcohol and drugs, nor because he shot Booker T. Lancaster (although according to Shanahan, "He [Lancaster] is dead. I'm glad."). He went to jail because he's a crook, who for $500 participated in a bank robbery. His story of only steering police officers away from the robbery is somewhat tainted by his own admission under oath. He didn't offer the whole truth at his trial for shooting Mr. Lancaster. He would be better off stopping his whining and remember he tarnished not only his badge, but those of good honest police officers with his criminal acts.

Kenneth M. Stockwell

Bel Air

For A Smoke-Free Maryland

I am responding to the Nov. 28 letter concerning the smoking issue. I want to strongly inspire those around us to be more aware of the new Coalition for a Smoke-Free Maryland.

For those who smoke, I wish that they would just listen. Tobacco kills more people than alcohol, cocaine, heroine, car accidents, homicide, suicide, AIDS and fires combined.

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