Gary Should Take Advice On AttacksIn a recently announced...


December 12, 1993

Gary Should Take Advice On Attacks

In a recently announced directive, Maryland Republicans have urged GOP candidates to avoid personal attacks in primary election campaigns.

One candidate who would do well to follow this advice is Del. John Gary of Millersville. Delegate Gary has been hurling personal, public insults at former Del. John Leopold for years, and, to my knowledge, no Republican Party official has ever taken Delegate Gary to task for doing so.

In The Sun of Oct. 10, Edwin Edel of Crownsville launched a sharp, personal attack against Mr. Leopold, calling him a "charlatan," among other things. What Mr. Edel did not reveal was that when he wrote his letters, he was a paid campaign worker for Delegate Gary. . . . My advice to all candidates running for office next year: If you ask your paid campaign workers to publicly criticize your opponent, please require them to identify themselves. . . .

Donna G. Funk

Severna Park

Buyers Beware

Every year at this time, you hear on TV and read articles in the papers to watch what toy you buy for a small child.

This year I have a warning for adults about a gift for adults. Several days ago, I brought a colorful coffee mug at a card shop in a local mall for my son. . . .

When I came home, I thought I better take the price off the bottom of the box. There was a shock for me just above the price: "Warning: this product might contain detectable amounts of lead/or cadmium, chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity. Although this product might contain traces of these chemicals, it has also been found that they are within the safe limits set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

My son, who I bought the pretty mug for, last month was operated for a malignant tumor on the brain. I took the mug back to the store yesterday. . . . You should read the fine print on everything you buy. . . .

Helen M. Del Brocco

North Linthicum

No Cloud Over County Police

Rather than terming internal investigations a "Cloud over County Police," I think your Nov. 19 editorial would more appropriately be titled, "Sunshine Permeates County Police Department."

Indeed, as county executive, I have kept my distance from investigations regarding that department because these investigators are being conducted competently and credibly in accordance with the law.

In the three years that I have held office, I have seen nothing to convince me that this process needs an overhaul. In some cases, the process has helped to rid the department of officers unworthy to carry a badge. It has also served to vindicate officers in cases when rumor and gossip without investigation would have made it difficult for fellow officers or the public to be presented with truth and fact. Interestingly enough, several of these cases have dealt with incidents and behavior which occurred under previous administrations and former police chiefs. If there is a perception that internal problems are common with our police department, I suggest it is because we are forthcoming in dealing with them and informing the public of the process.

I believe our police department has never operated more professionally or more competently than it has under Chief Robert Russell. Anne Arundel County's law enforcement officers are dedicated professionals who provide the highest possible quality of police protection each and every day. I am confident that no police department in our state does more to promote public safety or responds better to the changing demands of law enforcement than ours.

obert R. Neall


The writer is Anne Arundel County executive.


I am writing this letter in support of our Capt. Gary Barr, and to enlighten you that we do not have a cloud hanging over the Northern District police department. What we do have is a wonderful police captain.

As president of the Belle Grove Improvement Association, I have had the opportunity to work with Captain Barr on many occasions. I can attest to the fact that whenever anyone needs assistance, Captain Barr is there to help. Furthermore, if any of his officers are disrespectful or "step out of line," Captain Barr takes care of the problem in a professional manner. He does not "sweep things under the rug."

. . . Although Captain Barr has done nothing wrong, you continue to bombard him with false accusations. Need I remind you that in our society people are innocent until proven guilty? Captain Barr has worked hard and long to get to where he is, and I do not intend to stand back and watch you destroy his career and reputation.

I feel that your recent portrayal of our captain is unjust and uncalled for. . . . Captain Barr is well liked and well respected by our association and by the Northern District. He is our captain, and we intend to keep him.

Delores Impallaria

Brooklyn Park


As president of the Arundel Gardens Civic Association, I would like to express our contempt of the editorial on Nov. 19.

The First District, which we are a part of is very fortunate having Capt. Gary Barr, who is dedicated to serving our community. We feel Captain Barr has had a great injustice done to his character by The Sun.

The only cloud we see is the one hanging over your editorial. . . . We the people of Arundel Gardens Civic Association are greatly distressed over your editorial and we believe Captain Barr should receive an apology from The Sun.

Evelyn Lee

Brooklyn Park

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