Wake Up CallCongratulations. You just brought me to my...


December 09, 1993

Wake Up Call

Congratulations. You just brought me to my senses. Mike Littwin's Nov. 29 column on the Brady Bill reminded me of the gun control advocates' true intentions (although I have known it all along). You do not want gun control; you want gun abolition.

Mr. Littwin is correct in saying the Brady Bill will have little effect in saving lives. Mr. Littwin is also factual in stating few people have any knowledge about the Brady Bill. In fact, I suspect only a minority of Marylanders are aware of the state's long-standing seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases. The waiting period for handgun purchases in the District of Columbia is forever, as handgun ownership is illegal in the district. Yet the pursuit of controls on gun ownership, without going after the true villain, the criminal, persists.

I have been passive in the past several years when it came to voicing my opinion to the lawmakers concerning gun control. Not anymore, folks. Whenever I hear of any legislation to regulate firearms or ammunition in any form I will voice my disapproval. Perhaps the National Rifle Association needs a few more dollars to fight for the rights of gun owners? I will contribute to their fund.

Thanks again for waking me up.

James D. Brown


Black Egypt

Goethe, I believe, once said that there's nothing worse than ''ignorance in action.'' Stavros Vlahoyiannis' letter (Dec. 1) of rebuttal to M. Olatunji Mwamba re ancient Egypt seems to me to be an evident manifestation of this lack of factual knowledge.

I challenge Mr. Vlahoyiannis to invest $20 and purchase (or borrow from Pratt) "Egypt Revisited," edited by Ivan Van Sertima, and read slowly Cheikh Anta Diop's essay, ''Origin of the Ancient Egyptians.''

I also challenge him to read Yosef ben-Jochannan's "Africa: Mother of Western Civilization," and "Black Man of the Nile and His Family."

I could list numerous other sources in my personal library (including James' "Stolen Legacy," and Bernal's two-volume "Black Athena") which would keep him busy eradicating the misconceptions and obvious prejudicial vestiges of his European mind-set re the Egyptians.

One can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy in life is when men are afraid of the light.

Europeans are still striving to fathom how the pyramids and the Great Sphinx were built but to date haven't been able to duplicate them. Afrika will rise again!

Elliott M. Westfield


City Contrasts

Your Nov. 27 editorial, "Untapped Opportunities in the City," mentioned the possibility of a new Home Depot and a new supermarket within the confines of Baltimore City. That is great.

You also mentioned that the Ryland Group will develop residential 42 units, and there is a possibility of another 100 units nearby. This is also great.

However, during the time these units will be built, 20 times that number will be abandoned in Baltimore City because of vandalism and more particularly because the city and state have failed to come to some understanding as to what is happening to legitimate landlords in Baltimore City as a result of lead paint cases.

The market for real estate in Baltimore is atrocious, and the ability to borrow on Baltimore City properties is almost an impossibility.

Unless political leadership wises up and comes up with a logical plan to solve these problems, the city will continue to go downhill with hundreds and hundreds of additional abandoned homes.

Alleck A. Resnick


Paying for What?

Did I really read that our government has approved an agent that dairy farmers can add to cattle food so that cows will produce more milk?

Did I really read that there is a question from consumers about the effects of these additives on consumers? The questions seem to be misdirected.

Isn't it true that taxpayers pay a subsidy to milk producers for milk which is produced and cannot be sold to consumers?

Isn't it true that taxpayers are buying cheese produced from milk which cannot be sold, and paying to store the cheese? Isn't it true that these stored supplies of cheese are given away to save the cost of storage?

Why, when we have a surplus of milk or any other commodity, does the government encourage more production of that commodity?

Will taxpayers continue to increase subsidies to farmers when they increase production, or will those who use the new product be eliminated from subsidies?

Charles D. Connelly


AIDS Effects

Your Nov. 28 article on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients with AIDS was, for the most part, objective and even-handed. We feel obliged, however, to point out that the subtitle, ''Doctors divided on effects on AIDS,'' misrepresents not only the opinions expressed by physicians interviewed in the article but of most other physicians caring for patients with HIV infection as well.

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