MOST cable television subscribers are aware that the Cable...


December 08, 1993

MOST cable television subscribers are aware that the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 had enough loopholes in it to allow their cable monopoly to raise prices, not lower them, as Congress intended.

Now Comcast, the Baltimore County company, is out with a new weekly guide. Published in Pennsylvania, it will cost $3.29 a month as of Jan. 1, up from the current $2.60. That's $39.48 a year, plus Maryland sales tax. Cable customers aren't required to subscribe to "Total TV," of course, but does anyone remember requesting that it be sent in the first place?

* * *

IN a Michigan case 10 years ago, William L. Fisher sued Larry Moffet, Karen Lowe and State Farm for damage to his "beautiful oak tree," which Ms. Lowe had hit while driving Mr. Moffet's car.

The trial court found in favor of the defendants, whereupon Mr. Fisher appealed. This is the actual opinion of the three-judge appeals panel:

"We thought that we would never see/A suit to compensate a tree.

"A suit whose claim in tort is prest/Upon a mangled tree's behest.

"A tree whose battered trunk was prest/Against a Chevy's crumpled crest;

"A tree that faces each new day/With bark and limb in disarray;

"A tree that may forever bear/A lasting need for tender care.

"Flora lovers though we three/We must uphold the court's decree.


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