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December 08, 1993


If every person and corporation willing to shell out $10,000 for sky boxes for a football team would invest that money in local fencing, swimming, or gymnastics clubs, Little League baseball, youth soccer etc., not only would Baltimore be a better place for your children, but many Baltimoreans could find other things to do on Sundays in the fall besides watch NFL football.

Gregory G. Spahr


Kelley's Insult

I wish to take issue with comments made by Delegate Delores Kelley in a Nov. 22 article in The Sun. I further wish to enlighten her about what's going on in Baltimore County.

The one comment in particular was ''There's a dearth of experience [in the 10th legislative district] -- a vacuum of leadership.'' I consider this comment to be an insult. It's an insult to me and should be an insult to the many of us who over the years have done things to promote and maintain our greater community. The expression is arrogant and cavalier. It's the type of expression that one would expect from another who considers herself to be from an elitist group . . .

The comment insults [the clergy] . . . whose multitudes of church ministries reach into various communities of the greater area.

The comment insults the persons who work in the three Baltimore County branches of the NAACP. It undermines the work done by persons that serve on several boards and commissions in Baltimore County, such as the Minority Advisory Council . . .

Am I to understand that the individual members of the Deltas, the Sigmas, the Zetas, who have outreach programs operating in our greater community, are leaderless in their function and have worthwhile experience? . . .

Delegate Kelley was obviously not around when the Coalition of Concerned African American Organizations challenged the county's horrible record in hiring and promoting blacks in county government positions that dates back through several Democratic administrations. She was obviously not around when the coalition challenged Robert Dubel, former superintendent of Baltimore County public schools, about the manner in which the schools were being operated to the detriment of many young black students, which finally culminated in a request for his resignation by the organization.

Delegate Kelley chose to leave it to the leaderless West Baltimore County communities during the redistricting battle after the 1990 census. According to the newspaper comments, no leadership or experience was required to bring about the renovation to the Woodmoor and Liberty Crest shopping centers. It's obvious that she never heard of Projects 1000, a volunteer project of the coalition, which sought out several jobs for the county's youth this past summer.

Maybe it's the divine right of a politician to determine who has experience or who is a leader. Or maybe because of this predisposition assumed by politicians, the American public continues to hold them in such low esteem.

Harold G. Gordon


Help on the Road

After a combination business and pleasure Thanksgiving weekend at the Stouffer's Inner Harbor, we were headed home when our engine abruptly quit on Interstate 70 near Ellicott City.

As we coasted to the shoulder, the right front tire blew out, adding insult to injury.

In a blinding rainstorm with fog and darkness approaching, we had no electrical system for emergency flashers, lights or heat.

Fears of drunk drivers plowing into the rear, random shootings, robbery or worse went through our minds.

Instead, when state Trooper Eichorn arrived, he informed us that less than three motorists had called to alert the State Police to our plight.

Officer Eichorn waited with us for three minutes until a tow truck came, and then drove my wife and infant son to a Western Auto in Ellicott City, while I rode with my other young son in the tow truck.

Trooper Eichorn carried my son, who was still belted in his heavy car seat, into the repair shop shielding him from the rain with his body.

There, a group of the most courteous and friendly service people we have ever encountered got us warm and dry and even entertained our frightened children.

Within two hours of breaking down, we were back on the !B highway with a new tire and battery, and were not gouged a single cent.

Thanks, and three cheers, Baltimore. We'll be back.

Patrick C. Smythe


What Makes Baltimore Read

As was pointed out in Tim Warren's piece in the Nov. 14 People section, the Schmoke administration has provided the leadership to create an integrated city-wide campaign to support and encourage adults with inadequate skill levels to return to school.

This effort is also designed to improve and expand both the quality and quantity of adult literacy services.

What was not addressed was the public/private partnership which composes the integrated strategic city-wide effort to reach adults wanting to improve their skills.

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