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December 08, 1993|By From staff reports

Quotes from state politicians and NFL officials about the proposed Redskins move:

Washington Redskins (presented as No. 4 on press release list ** of "Stadium Facts"): "This is not a ploy to negotiate a better deal with any other locality. It is a firm commitment by Jack Kent Cooke and the Washington Redskins to build the new Redskins Stadium in Laurel."

Lt. Gov. Melvin A. Steinberg, Democratic candidate for governor: "Although we have to proceed cautiously, the proposal should ++ not be summarily dismissed. Certainly, we don't want to be a bargaining chip in Mr. Cooke's negotiations. However, it could be exciting to have a single Maryland team that people across the state could support. It's time we think on a statewide basis and end parochialism. We should do what's best for the state of Maryland."

Rep. Helen D. Bentley, Republican candidate for governor: "The governor is still hellbent on Baltimore. I'm the first to promote Baltimore, but rather than lose the whole thing, we ought to consider it."

William Shepard, Republican candidate for governor: "I think that if this is a serious proposition, it could be a boon for Maryland. Maryland is a big-league state, and we need a big-league football team. I don't think football fans in Baltimore will miss a thing if the team comes to Laurel."

Del. Ellen R. Sauerbrey, Republican candidate for governor: "I think it is very exciting we have a businessman who is willing to invest his own dollars to build a stadium in the Maryland suburbs. We should be encouraging that development."

State Sen. American Joe Miedusiewski, Democratic candidate for governor: "We had a train on the tracks with our efforts to get an expansion team and now in looking for a team that might be interested in moving. I think this muddies the water."

Robert R. Neall, Anne Arundel County executive: "I'm not going to commit a lot of county resources and time -- we've got a lot of other things to do -- until somebody puts a proposal in front of me. At the same time, I think you have to pay some attention to it."

Wellington Mara, co-owner of the New York Giants: "I'm not too good on the geography involved. If that's what he thinks is best for the Redskins, more power to him."

Charles I. Ecker, Howard County executive: "I feel that Jack Kent Cooke and whomever ought to work through the stadium authority and the governor. At this point, I'm supporting the authority and the governor."

Michael Riemer, Howard County Chamber of Commerce president: "I can't imagine it not being a boon to Howard County and all the businesses. All the businesses -- hotels, motels, restaurants -- would spill over [into Howard]. I can't see adversity."

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